Author: Anjalisawant

DNA collection kit is available at affordable price

A DNA collection kit is a genetic testing package that helps us know our inherited characters. As technology advances, this test has taken on greater importance. It also enables us... Read More

Genes and drugs a unique combination.

Genes are very sensitive to any drugs, as are humans. There are certain drugs that suit them, but not all. This all depends on our genes. to know which drug... Read More

DNAwise Wellness is a genetic testing package.

DNAwise Wellness is a genetic testing kit that has vast benefits. It enables you to learn more about your health, fitness routines, diet, and health risks that can be avoided... Read More

What is Pharmacogeneticsand how is it related to genetics?

The study of how genetics influences an individual's response to medications is known as pharmacogenetics. It involves the examination of genetic variations that can affect the way a person metabolises... Read More