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White Radish dryer machine continue belt type IN APS INDUSTRIES

White Radish dryer machine continue belt type White Radish Dryer Machine is a drying production line designed according to the inherent characteristics of pickled materials,which is composed of primary drying and... Read More

Vegetable tray dryer machine IN APS INDUSTRIES

Vegetable Tray Dryer machine is made of Mild Steel Sheet either painted or Powder coated. The trays and other contact parts are made of Aluminum / Stainless Steel depending upon... Read More

Vegetable dryer machine IN APS INDUSTRIES

Vegetables do not need conditioning once they are dried unlike fruits. They can be stored for longer time as their shelf life is dramatically increased. Even in the transport of... Read More

Tomato Drying Machine in aps industries

Potato drying machine evenly, high efficiency, save labor, reduce labor intensity, suitable for mass production of dried bean curd, Spices, dehydrated vegetables, fruit and other materials drying.Tomato Drying Machine Continuouse... Read More

Red Chili Dryer Machine in aps industries

The belt type Red chili dryer machine improves the drying efficiency, solves many disadvantages of the traditional drying method, such as high requirements on weatRed Chili Dryer Machine Continuous... Read More

Pumpkin Papaya Drying Machine in aps industries

Pumpkin Papaya Drying Machine Belt dryer machine is a kind of common continuous drying machine. It is widely utilized in fruit and vegetable dehydration plant. Especially it is suitable for drying... Read More

Potato dryer machine in aps industries

The Potato Dehydration plant is the Industrial Continuous Drying Machine. The Main Drying Steps as follows: Material Charging–Horizontally feed to machine–Full touch screen setup monitoring–Discharging after baking–Packing. Composed of... Read More

Orange drying machine in aps industries

Orange drying machine multi layer continues Saving labor cost, only need 2-3 workers to operate. The intelligent control of drying temperature and time. Continuous mass production capacity from 300 to 3000kg/hour. Fully automatic, 24... Read More

Onion dehydration plant IN APS INDUSTRIES

The main advantages of dehydrated onions are that they are easy to store, being lighter in weight and smaller in bulk than fresh or other processed onions. They are cheap... Read More

Mushroom Dryer Machine in aps industries

Mushroom Dryer Machine are mushroom perishable in nature, spoilage is more due to high moisture loss. To preserve mushroom for a longer duration we need to control the moisture loss... Read More