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Robotic colorectal surgeon in Chennai | Dr Pinak Dasgupta

Dr. Pinak Dasgupta is a renowned robotic colorectal surgeon based in Chennai, India. He specializes in minimally invasive robotic surgery for the treatment of colorectal diseases such as colon cancer,... Read More

Hernia Specialist in Chennai | Best Hernia Surgeon in Chennai | Dr. Pinak Dasgupta

Looking for a Hernia Specialist in Chennai? Dr. Pinak Dasgupta is one of the most expert reliable and ethical Hernia specialists in Chennai, India. He is the Senior Consultant and... Read More

Robotic Surgeon in Chennai | Robotic Colorectal and Hernia Surgeon | Dr. Pinak Dasgupta

Looking for a Robotic Surgeon in Chennai??? With 15+ Years of Experience, Dr.Pinak Dasgupta is the best Robotic Surgeon in Chennai. Currently, he is giving his excellent Service at the... Read More