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CT scans use the ionized radiation method to capture internal images of a body. They are of different types CT angiography, CT neck, CT, bone scan, etc. Contack us :- Read More

Cranial CT scan is a painless diagnostic tool that captures high-quality images. It shows structural changes inside the skull, eye sockets, ventricles. Contack us :- , 9990872398 Reach us :-... Read More

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne sickness in tropical and subtropical regions. Mild dengue induces fever and flu-like symptoms. Dengue hemorrhagic fever can cause major bleeding, shock, and death. Contack us :-... Read More

The ultrasound test price is quite affordable in India so it is widely prescribed by doctors to diagnose the internal condition of the abdomen. Contack us :- , 9990872398 Reach us... Read More

A digital x-ray is an advanced form of body imaging that offers you a clear and more precise picture of the internal organs with a radiographic image on a computer.... Read More

Mammograms are popular tests to detect and treat breast cancer in women. Know the mammography test price and the process in detail. Mammograms are popular tests to detect and treat breast... Read More

An ultrasound or ultrasonography is a popular medical imaging process. Here in this article, we have mentioned the purpose and benefits of the process. Contack us :- , 9990872398 Reach us... Read More

At Janta X-Ray Clinic in Delhi, we understand the importance of informed healthcare decisions. MRI scans have completely changed how doctors diagnose patients and plan treatments. We want to provide... Read More

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Along with a breath of fresh air, the changing of the seasons also brings with it new health challenges. Our bodies adjust to temperature changes, sometimes challenging our immune systems.... Read More