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In a bid to enhance the competitiveness of Indian fuel exports in the global market, the Indian government has reduced the Windfall Gains Tax on diesel exports by Rs 2/liter... Read More

This article highlights the rising cost of pulses and the need for alternative protein sources for vegetarians in India. It delves into the protein content of legumes and beans, grains,... Read More

The Union Budget 2023 has allocated funds to improve credit availability, promote sustainable agriculture practices, and enhance infrastructure for the fisheries sector. It also incentivizes the use of organic and... Read More

Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP), a subsidiary of SAIL, has received an order of around 10,000 tons of plates complying with European and American specifications and another order of around 10,000... Read More

The Ferrous Scrap Codes in India have been aligned with the Institute of Steel Recycling Industries' (ISRI) classification system. The update includes new scrap types and in-depth coverage of important... Read More

Toluene Prices in India High inventories at Indian ports and low prices from domestic manufacturers have impacted current market sentiments for toluene prices in India. However, increased downstream demand and... Read More

Rice is a staple food in India, but did you know that different rice varieties offer unique nutritional benefits? Explore the best rice varieties in India, such as Bora Saul,... Read More

India's refinery throughput in January 2023 hit its highest level since 2009 due to strong demand for refined products and discounted Russian feedstock. Refinery margins remain strong as refiners can... Read More

The Indian government has allocated significant funds to the renewable energy sector in the Union Budget 2023. The Green Hydrogen Mission, EVs, solar power, wind, and hydropower have all received... Read More

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