Author: Peptech Bioscience

Cypermethrin 0.25% Dusting Powder is a formulated insecticide containing Cypermethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide designed for the management and eradication of various insect pests found in agricultural crops, gardens, and... Read More

Copper sulphate 47.15% + Mancozeb 30% WDG is a contact fungicide known for its proficiency in managing nearly all economically significant fungal and bacterial diseases across a diverse spectrum of... Read More

Clothianidin 50% WG stands as a potent insecticide, offering extensive coverage against a myriad of pests. Packaged as water-dispersible granules, it ensures convenient mixing and application processes. Its mode of... Read More

Clothianidin, a renowned neonicotinoid insecticide, is celebrated for its prowess in combating a diverse spectrum of pests. Its targets encompass aphids, thrips, whiteflies, beetles, and various other sucking and chewing... Read More

Clodinafop-Propargyl 15% WP, an herbicide designed for post-emergence application, is tailored for the control of grassy weeds within broadleaf crops like wheat, barley, and oats. Distinguished by its selective nature,... Read More

Chlorpyriphos 20% E.C. is a prevalent insecticide employed for the management of a diverse array of insect pests across agriculture, horticulture, and forestry. Presented in a liquid formulation, it comprises... Read More

Chlorfenapyr 10% SC, an insecticide falling under the pyrrole chemical group, serves as a formidable weapon against a diverse array of pests, including mites, thrips, aphids, and other crop-damaging insects.... Read More

Carbendazim 50% WP is a systemic fungicide frequently employed to combat a diverse spectrum of fungal diseases affecting crops, including cereals, fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants. This formulation encompasses 50%... Read More

Carbendazim 46.27% SC is a systemic fungicide, classified within the benzimidazole group of fungicides. It is a widely utilized solution for managing a diverse array of fungal diseases affecting crops,... Read More

Captan 70%+ Hexaconazole 5% WP is a distinctive antifungal agrochemical blend, combining contact and systemic fungicides within a wettable powder (WP) formulation. Comprising the active components Captan (70%) and Hexaconazole... Read More