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A money market fund is a mutual fund that invests in highly liquid and has low risk compared to other mutual funds. Know more about the money market at Mirae... Read More

NYSE FANG is an equal dollar-weighted index consisting of 10 highly traded growth stocks of technology and tech enabled companies. Learn more at Mirae Asset!... Read More

Focused mutual funds are funds that invest in a smaller variety of stocks and bonds aiming to be concentrated on limited stocks. Know more at Mirae Asset now.... Read More

The inverted yield curve is the chart that shows the returns of bonds of different securities. Check out more info about the inverted yield curve online at Mirae asset!... Read More

The PE Ratio is ratio is the price investor willing to pay for earnings per share of the company. Learn more about the price to earning ration online at Mirae... Read More

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How to choose mutual funds? You must know 3 things before choosing which are Financial goals, risk appetite, and asset allocation. Know more info at Mirae Asset!... Read More

The classification of a mutual fund is done on the basis of investment objectives like open-ended and close-ended funds, debt, equity, etc. Know more at Mirae Asset!... Read More

The XIRR in mutual funds is an Extended Internal Rate of Return that calculates returns during multiple transactions at different times. Learn more at Mirae Asset.... Read More

The SWP helps to generate cash flows by redeeming units from the scheme at the specified interval. Know more about what is SWP in a mutual funds at Mirae Asset.... Read More