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Biometric Access Control Systems

The biometric access control systems offer the highest level of security due to their distinct biological features. In contrast to traditional access methods like passwords or keys, which could be... Read More

Tektronix Technologies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Across the UAE

If you're looking for software development within the UAE, Tektronix Technologies stands out as a dependable and trustworthy supplier. With an established presence across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, as well as... Read More

The License Plate Recognition technology improves precision to a new degree. It is a way to eliminate human error giving real-time information on car movement, making it possible for decision-makers... Read More


School Management System from Tektronix Technologies is an all-inclusive software tailored to suit educators in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and throughout the UAE. We feature a user-friendly interface as well as... Read More