Best Architecture Colleges in India: Fees, Salary, and More

To learn about the best architecture colleges in India, just hit the link. Thereafter, it will provide you with the most famous architecture colleges in the country, such as IIT Roorkee, Parul Univerity (Vadodara), Manipal School of Architecture and Planning (Manipal), and Lovely Professional University (Jalandhar).

Architecture has a very bright future in India, as the developing country is going through rapid urbanization, and demand for new and innovative buildings is growing in leaps and bounds. In fact, the average salary of an architect is nearly 16,00,000 LPA (INR).

Following the link will let you learn about these colleges in detail, such as their course fees, rankings, salary packages, popular architecture programs, and the like.

Having a crystal-clear idea of all these things will definitely help you choose the best architecture college.