Best Bakery Shop in Amritsar – umang Veg Restaurant

This is a place where you can find the Best Bakery Shop in Amritsar providing you with the magnificent pastry and bread. This bakery has an intimate collection of baked products, including bread, cakes, cookies, and pastries, that are fresh and suitable for all occasions.

Welcome to the land of flavors and scents where every manufactured element is created with passion and only quality ingredients. From birthdays to just because I want a cupcake, experiencing a delectable moment at the Best Bakery Shop in Amritsar is always delightful.

Savor their extravagant cakes which are perfectly decorated and unbelievably moist or try their mouthwatering sandwiches and quiches for that snack. Such a positive attitude towards work and customer service has granted this bakery the distinguished position of the best place to buy any kind of pastry in Amritsar. Drop by today and enjoy incredible bakery treats right in the center of the city.