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Exploring The Best Corporate Bonds with FBNQuest

Corporate bonds are an important part of investing. They offer higher profits than government bonds but come with more risks. These bonds are managed by third-party entities called “Corporate Trustees.” FBNQuest, the investment banking and asset management subsidiary of FirstBank Group, acts as one of these trustees. FBNQuest helps investors work with companies and corporations to ensure they follow the bond agreements, aiming for the best returns on investment in corporate bonds. Let’s explore the best corporate bonds and see why FBNQuest is a great choice for maximising your investments.

The Best Corporate Bonds in Nigeria
Understanding the different types of corporate bonds can help investors make informed decisions, their risk tolerance and investment objectives. Corporate bonds come in various forms, each with its unique characteristics and investment appeal. Here are some common types:

Secured Bonds: These bonds are backed by collateral, such as assets or revenue streams, providing an added layer of security for investors as the bond provides security beyond the credit of the issuer. FBNQuest helps investors feel secure by ensuring there’s something to fall back on if the company can’t pay back the bond.

Unsecured Bonds (Debentures): Unlike secured bonds, debentures are not backed by collateral but rely on the creditworthiness of the issuer. Corporations with strong credit ratings usually issue debenture bonds and they do not offer very high interest rates. FBNQuest helps investors understand if the company is reliable enough to invest in.
Convertible Bonds: Convertible bonds give bondholders the option to convert their bonds into a predetermined number of company shares at a specified time. FBNQuest helps investors understand when it’s a good time to make this swap.