Carrot dryer machine in aps industries

Carrot Dryer machine
Continues dryer system for Carrot

The 5 stage continuous conveying carrot dryer machine is versatile equipment used for the drying of the produces for Carrot and other vegetable products on continues basis. There are five belts with the individual drives which carry the material are arranged in vertical plane.

Heating coils for heating are provided for the precise control. The hot air passes through the permeable bed of the material for effective drying.

The fresh carrot is fed on the top belt which carries it to the end and from there it is transferred on the belt underneath the first one, similarly it is transferred on all the other belts till it reaches the bottom belt.

The rising air from the bottom is heated to the desired temperature to effectively dry the product.

The final exhaust of the air from the dryer is by the fans on the top of the dryer. This is the moist air which is released from the dryer.