Crip Mac Net Worth 2023, Biography ,Family ,Age ,Height ,Monthly Income and More [updated]

Crip Mac Early Life
Crip Mac was born on February 20th, 1993, and grew up in Los Angeles, California. He hasn’t shared his real name on social media. When he was young, his mother moved to Houston, Texas, to be with her new boyfriend.

After living in Texas for a couple of years, Crip decided to return to LA and live with his aunt. He stayed with her for a short time and then started moving around the city a lot.

C-Mac also tried working as a mechanic’s assistant, but he began drinking heavily and eventually stopped going to work.

He first lived on 40th Street and later on 50th Street. When he turned 19, he moved to 55th Street in Los Angeles, and that’s when everything changed in his life.