Egypt’s Strategic Push for Educational Cooperation with BRICS

Egypt’s Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Ayman Ashour, recently articulated the nation’s ambitious plans for enhanced collaboration with BRICS countries in higher education and scientific research. This announcement was made at the 11th meeting of BRICS Higher Education Ministers held in Kazan, Russia, which also saw the participation of Russia’s Minister of Higher Education and Science, Valery Falkov, and Mostafa Refat, Secretary-General of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Universities.

Emphasising Egypt’s Role in BRICS
At the meeting, Ashour underscored the significance of BRICS—a consortium originally established in 2001 by Brazil, Russia, India, and China—as a powerful economic bloc capable of reshaping the global financial landscape. He highlighted Egypt’s pride in joining this alliance, emphasising the country’s readiness to contribute to a shared future of educational cooperation and regional integration. Egypt, with its youthful demographic and rich history of scientific innovation, is uniquely positioned to add substantial value to the BRICS educational framework.

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