How Do I Get my Bellsouth Email Back?

Apparently BellSouth and AT&T are moving their email servers and are facing many issues. This move has caused many email users to get errors,such as how to login to a Bellsouth email account, how to get a Bellsouth email back, not being able to receive or send emails and many more issues. Here are some of the solutions we have found to be helpful: Open a browser – Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc., – and go to, click on Mail in the upper, right corner. Now you have to follow directions to type your username and password to make sure you are able to access your account. If not, then your username or password is incorrect. If you don’t remember your password or it does not work, you can again reset it. If all the details are correct, you should be able to see and access your mail. If it does work you can call our Bellsouth customer Service Number +1-833-836-0944 available 24/7.