Revitalizing Tradition: Lilly Pulitzer’s Bold Return to Fashion’s Spotlight

A decade ago, Lilly Pulitzer bright prints were everywhere on college campuses. The 2015 Target collaboration in New York’s Bryant Park drew huge Millennial crowds. That year, sales grew 22 percent. Today, fashion has moved on, and Lilly Pulitzer hasn’t. In an era of quiet luxury, their loud colors and patterns seem out of place. Last year, sales grew just 1 percent to $343.5 million.

Earlier this month, Lilly Pulitzer unveiled a new logo. It retains the signature bright pink but uses a 1950s-inspired typeface. This change is designed to connect with a new generation. But a new logo by itself isn’t going to cut it. Palm Beach, where the brand was founded 65 years ago, is emerging as a fashion destination. But its association with Donald Trump and Mar-a-Lago has made it a political topic.