Top performing mutual funds – FBNQuest

If you’re looking to invest, mutual funds are a great investment option for diversifying your assets while minimising risks. A mutual fund is an investment vehicle that allows you, an investor, to combine your money with that of other investors seeking a similar investment outcome, and have a professional investment manager use their skills to manage the money to achieve that stated outcome. The investment manager invests in various instruments such as cash, treasury bills, bonds, equity, real estate, etc.

Features of High-Performing Mutual Funds
From impressive performance history to a solid investment strategy, high-performing mutual funds have a few things in common. These characteristics are important and can help you identify the right mutual fund to invest in.

1. Low Fees or Expenses: basic operating expenses and additional fees of a mutual fund should not be expensive.

2. Good Performance: the price and performance of a mutual fund must be stable and consistent over the years.

3. Solid Fund Management & Investment Strategy: mutual fund must be managed by seasoned Fund Managers who leverage a proven strategy in selecting assets to invest in the fund.

4. Reputable Company: the mutual fund should be backed by a reputable institution with years of experience in the Nigerian capital market.

Investing in a mutual fund is easy and rewarding and by learning more about them, a new investor is able to take the first step towards reaching their financial goals. At FBNQuest Asset Management, we offer open-ended mutual funds to assist our investors in reaching their short, medium and long-term investment goals.